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Bench pressing…The Symbol of Strength or injury

The bench press originated out of an exercise known as the floor press. It is ironic to consider that the bench press grew out of another lift that was considered […]


She kissed a girl, and she liked it

A recent study from researchers at Boise State University in Idaho found 60% of heterosexual women were sexually attracted to other women. Of those studied, 45% had kissed a woman, […]


Fight heart disease in the bedroom

A large part of preventing heart disease comes down to eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly. However, there’s another great way to fight heart disease, which has been […]


Luvabull – Iryna Ivanova

  Our first cover Luvabull is Iryna Ivanova.   You can see even more of Iryna by visiting her social media pages: Instagram: playmateiryna Snapchat: playmateiryna

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